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Mathrubhumi daily newspaper advertisements: While every one of the above is in one language, Malayalam, each one has a different rate of advertising. So is the case of each of the many categories for advertising that the newspaper offers advertisers. Among them are: Matrimonial, Property for Sale, Property for Rent, Vehicles, Computers, Obituary, Retail, Recruitments, Name Change, Remembrance, Astrology, Personal Announcements, Services, Lost and Found, Business, Personal Messages and Travel. As with other newspapers, Mathrubhumi Daily Classified Ads are of two kinds: Classified Text ads: These simple, black and white text ads are printed in a run-on words format subject to at least five lines beyond which there will be extra charges. By paying more, also, such enhancements as colour, tick, bold type and screen for better visibility can be provided. The cost of these ads are by the word. Classified Display ads: These ads are more expensive since they can be in either black and white or colour text formats and have features for enhancing the design with images. Their text can also be created directly online by using easy templates. Besides, the advertiser can also upload them in PDF/JPEG/EPS formats. They are charged on the basis of square centimetre. Display ads are most popular in Mathrubhumi: Also charged by square centimetre, this is the most expensive format. There are no limitations on the colours, size or pages or with the positions on each page


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